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Two Tots has done a lot in the last two years.  It’s wonderful to see that our products have indeed, stood the test of time and “grown” with our clients — in a manner of speaking.

As ours are customized pieces of furniture, we have seen some of our traditional furniture increase in size as well — to accommodate these growth spurts.

Our Elizabeth “twin” – in California King size!
More space needed – work desk and drawers.

As space becomes more of a luxury these days, and the cost of real estate rises, more parents have asked us to incorporate additional storage in their limited areas.  We think it’s smart!

Storage where we can. Under the bed, why not?

Designs as well are trending toward more minimalist with small, elegant touches here and there.

Slight waves to add depth and dimension.  And storage!
Our traditional pieces, with little touches of roundness for a more custom look.

We still get the occasional, very specific requests.  And as much as we love to help shape the outcome of a room (or a piece of furniture), we also love bringing our clients’ visions to life.

Clockwise: 1) A navy blue cabinet, 2) A TV stand with drawers, and 3) A ballet barre and mirror.

That ballet barre and mirror is genius, if I do say so myself — for aspiring and dedicated ballerinas-to-be.

And then, there’s the trend on two toned pieces.

Left: Work desk
Right: Fish-tail side table

The fish-tail side table is another customer-inspired piece and we love that she allowed us to share this idea with the world.  We’ve gotten so many inquiries about it too.  This piece however requires a lot of labor-intensive work, but it is made with a lot of love!

Of course, we still have the accessories that can complement these pieces available at our showroom.

Accessories that fit and complement custom-made furniture.

Our pals at the showroom would love for you to come and visit!

We still post regularly on Instagram and Facebook, at @twototsph.  But for quotations, it is better to reach us at  Because each piece is custom-made, to be able to give you an accurate estimate of cost, we need to match this with its corresponding specifications.  That’s hard to do in a text response.

And yes, it is July — coming soon will be our #2THoliday2018 Collection!  (How is it Christmas already?!)

If you’d like to visit the Two Tots showroom, please let us know and we’d be happy to put you down for an appointment!


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Celebrate Change: The #2TMovingSale


After the release of the 2T Newsletter, we got a lot of questions about where Two Tots will be moving, and why.  We know it’s just been a year since we announced our new “home”, and yet, here we go again — packing up and moving out.  Actually, it’s moving up. 😉

Bea, Zharina and I had some discussion about this big change, and I can tell you as much:  there are a lot of good things in store for Two Tots in the coming months.  We are fortunate for this next opportunity, and we felt there was no better time than the present to make it happen.

We also thought:  what better way to celebrate than by having a showroom wide sale!

A lot of our furniture on-site are going for (at least) a 15% discount from their original price.

Everything holding the accessories is on sale too!
Most* of the furniture holding the accessories is on sale too!

And there are accessories like hampers, magnetic boards, pillows and the like that are close to (if not already) 40-50% discount.  They are great to give as gifts, especially with the Holiday season creeping up on us so fast.

Limited quanitites of matching sets are up for grabs!
Limited quantities of matching sets are up for grabs!

The sale begins today, September 1, and will go until September 3, from 10am – 3pm at,  Unit 510 #24 General Araneta St., San Antonio Village in Pasig.

We will be at the showroom to greet you and walk you through everything.  What you see is what you get.  Some items are one-of-a-kind so I’d encourage you all to drop by at your soonest convenience to get what you want.

All hampers are below P1000, quite the steal if I do say so myself!
All hampers are below P1000, quite the steal if I do say so myself!

Two Tots accepts cash or check, and a direct deposit to our BDO Account.

Happy Shopping!

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Moving Out, Settling Back In

The last few weeks have been nothing short of crazy.  After just a little over a year here in California, we moved out of our very first home…

Bye First Home!
Bye First Home!

…and into our new one.  Though it was also still within the state, a move is a move nonetheless.  It’s every bit of a major emotional whirlwind, and it takes its toll on everybody.

It’s fun and exciting, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve never put a house together from the ground up before, and I enjoyed the process.  I was happy to pick out counter tops and tiles and carpets.  I was lucky to have my cousin Bea and my friend Julia, both interior designers validate my our choices. 😉

Choices choices choices.
Choices choices choices.

Seeing it all come together is a pretty awesome thing too, and I like the fact that every corner of the house has our personal touch to it.

Like most things, we got the kids involved and let them pick out the color of their room.  Hopefully they will learn to sleep in it on their own soon.

Theory: If the girls pick their room, then they'd be more inclined to sleep there. Yes?
Theory: If the girls pick their room, then they’d be more inclined to sleep there. Yes?

They picked the theme of their bathroom too, and I was all but happy to execute.

They wanted a beach themed bathroom.
They wanted a beach themed bathroom.

Sam’s little fish from Art class will find a spot on the wall somewhere too.

Someday, I will sell this for a fortune. ;) I'm kidding it's priceless!
Someday, I will sell this for a fortune. 😉 I’m kidding it’s priceless!

The usual coat and storage closet on the ground floor was lobbied to be a “Cupboard under the Stairs”, in honor of Harry Potter.  So it’s actually turned into a second playroom on the ground floor (and at the moment, I can’t seem to find the floor).

Homework before Harry Potter decals.
Homework before Harry Potter decals.

My husband and I have never spent so much time matching rugs to throw pillows and figuring out cabinet and storage configurations.  He’s become a master at measuring and fitting things.  He has a note on his iPhone that tells him the dimensions of each piece of furniture we own.

It’s a crazy, time-consuming project.  Everyday after the day we closed, I would come to the house to check on the paint progress, or bring a carload of things to unload.  I had to schedule the whole house filter installation, and screen for landscapers, just to name a few.  And I find myself everyday, waiting for someone to deliver something.

I was also in all the home stores, both online and within the vicinity.  In and out with shopping bags and receipts, and then back again to make returns.  Thank goodness for the return policies.  My husband is a visual person, and he has to see it in place first before he can decide if he likes it or not.  I think he’s returned two TVs and several receivers already, and is about to return again this next one.

On Left: My coffee date with our plumber. On right: I'm buddies now with the geek squad.
On Left: My coffee date with our plumber. On right: I’m buddies now with the Geek Squad.

Moving is stressful on its own, what more when you throw in the kids. It’s actually more stressful because of the kids.

Sam had a lot of questions about why we had to move again, and why she had to switch schools.  She became more emotionally charged than usual; not the easiest thing to deal with.  When we’d see her friends from a play date, she’d give me a hard time about leaving.  And she started sleeping late, waking up in the middle of the night, and waking up early.  She was skipping lunch too (I suppose maximizing play time with her new friends).  Clearly, she wasn’t getting enough rest and attention.

Jamie, who loves her weekly gymnastics class and couldn’t wait to leave my side, suddenly started crying when I’d drop her off and tell her teacher she wanted me.  Her school teacher also called concerned, because it seemed Jamie wasn’t her usual self at school and couldn’t do anything alone.  Suddenly she needed me to do everything with her, just when I didn’t have any more time to spare from trying to get the house in order.

I tried to keep their routines as normal as possible, but even though I’m sure my stress vibes were seeping through, and the kids were imploding.  Their emotions were probably just about as jumbled up as I felt — except I have more body mass and fat for it to spread across for me not to self-destruct.

Getting all that done on top of the daily concerns was the hardest part of all.  My list of things to do never got shorter, and there was always so much more after.  The girls’ still needed breakfast and lunch for school everyday, but I couldn’t find the time to cook, or get groceries.  So for a while they were eating take-out and canned goods, and I remembering feeling very unsettled about it.

Last November 21, the movers came with the big stuff, and we finally settled into the new home.  We used the Thanksgiving holiday to hibernate, purchase Black Friday deals, and get 80% of the house in order.

Yay! We did it! Now where did the garage go.
Yay! We did it! Now where did the garage go.

We managed to bring out the Christmas stuff too!

But of course, Two Tots! :)
But of course, Two Tots! 🙂

And almost three weeks later here we are, in our new state of normalcy.

I noticed the girls re-adjusting again, slowly.  They can find things now, and they’re re-establishing their sense of independence, and getting their bearings in this new environment.  Jamie’s teachers have noted a positive improvement again at school (whew!) and Sam is a little less moody.  Plus, the girls get an extra 20 minutes of much-needed sleep every morning too since we’re much nearer school.

Altogether, it’s quite the experience.  Apart from pre-CANA, I recommend soon-to-be married couples to put a whole house together first too, before tying the knot.  😉  While my husband and I have moved together several times before, it was always to a place that we’d rent.  There wasn’t really much feeling of permanence, or like it was our own, and so it didn’t matter as much if things didn’t match, or didn’t fit right.

This time though we know its ours, so there’s a more personal stake in making it look, feel and be the home we want it to be.  I’m hoping this one will be more permanent and long-term (he took out a loan too – so we’re in debt for life!).  Also, after seeing the toll it took on my kids, I don’t think I can do another big move again. 

It’s a new community and even our neighbors are just moving in.  Everyone is starting on a clean slate so to speak.  Getting to know the neighbors is the next step in the plan.  Some are in the same grade level as Sam, and it would be nice for her to walk to school and back with them every now and then.

They say it’s never too late to learn something new.  In the last few months, it’s all been a whole new ball game for me.  But it is what it is, and like anything in life, it’s what we make of it.  Amidst all the crazy, the chaos and the mess, there’s a peaceful refreshing feeling about starting again.

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I’ve Been Chicify-ed!

Even though my family and I maxed out our luggage capacity on our most recent trip to Manila, I hardly brought home any clothes for me.  Sam’s pending Girl Scout Cookie and some other requests from home took precedence over my wardrobe.  That was fine with me — it left me with a lot of room and an excuse to shop! 😉

I’ve shied away from the typical retail brands (unless I do need something basic, like jeans for instane) because well — you can get a lot of the basic stuff in the States on sale, so nothing compares to that.  And for most of the clothes and accessories I’ve bought in Manila (so far!), I’ve gotten compliments from friends and strangers — both for my kids and for myself.  They’re of good quality, are “unique” yet easy-to-wear, and with a little styling, are versatile enough for most seasons (well, California really doesn’t have a harsh winter so yes!).  That says a lot considering the Philippines is a tropical country!

One brand that fits that bill in totality is Chicify.  Chicify is an online shopping site for women.  They sell clothes, shoes, accessories and carry new brands as well as their own line of clothes.  According to Tin (aka Manila Fashion Observer, my good friend and style guru… naks! — oh how lucky am I!) Chin Joson, the owner of Chicify, launched the site years back, but felt it needed some “updating and “curating”, if I were to borrow Tin’s words.  And so Chicify is also Tin’s baby as she is the current curator of the styles and fashion that come out on the site.

It was perfect too that I spent a few hours with her before meeting up with our friends for lunch to go through some of their clothes.  I did after all, need stuff to wear.  I walked away with a bunch!  I couldn’t decide they were all great pieces.  I would’ve gotten more had I not stopped myself.  And I’ve worn each one multiple times already.

One of my first purchases with Chicify was the Santorini Tunic, and the Racer Back Maxi.

A recent picture with my Two Tots Moms in the tunic.
A recent picture with my Two Tots Moms Zharina and Bea in the tunic.

I’m into loose fitting, flowy clothes —  how can I not be when I still have by baby-weight (it’s going strong at four and a half years! ;)).  These dresses make me feel extremely comfortable and less self-conscious and I find myself gravitating towards them when I enter my closet.  They’ve become my comfort pieces.

The Razor Back Maxi at the girls' ballet recital, semi-casual.  And hot!
The Razor Back Maxi at the girls’ ballet recital, semi-casual. And hot!

My recent favorite purchase was the Painter’s Dress.  I even took a selfie wearing it, and I’m not a selfie/OOTD kind of person!  But I did love it.

My most recent favorite Painter's Dress in Linen.
My most recent favorite Painter’s Dress in Linen.

And I love how the secret pockets are deep enough to put my phone and keys without me looking to bulky.  I got the Linen one over the denim but I may just go back for the denim one. 😉

They also had the Tunic Style Maxi Dress, and I absolutely loved the Tropical print and the Multicolor Print…. but it does call attention to you.  That’s not a bad thing really!  I love looking at well-dressed people who can play with prints.  My wardrobe style  (if you could call it that) is very subdued.  And as I got older I noticed a shift towards the blacks, dark blues and greys.  You’ll know me when you see me, I’m 95% in those colors.  So I chose the Monotone Print instead. 😉

My other favorite is the Pat Maxi Dress — which I would never have looked at if it weren’t for Tin.  I love the way it drapes, and how it can be so casual and yet something so formal!  I wore it to my brother’s pre-wedding party with my one good pair of heels, and I wore it again very casually with flats.

Left:  My brother's party in heels.  Right:  My #OOTD, I was about to walk out in slippers.
Left: My brother’s party in heels. Right: My #OOTD, I was about to walk out in my flats.

Also, a breakthrough — Tin convinced me to get the green one!  It’s not a hard “green” to wear either.  But knowing me, I also got the grey one just in case.  I know where I’m going to wear that one next!

Tin also suggested the Leandra Culottes.  Culottes have been out of my radar because I was very conscious about my hips.  But the culottes are not only comfortable, they’re tapered in just the right way so they don’t accentuate the hips.   It even has a bow that you can wear depending on the top you pair it with.

The clothes are versatile enough that I can wear them often and dress them up or down in many different ways.   Or, if you’re minimalist like me, I just wear them as is.

I’m actually not done shopping!  Tin and Chin constantly update the site, so there’s always something new and interesting.  I love how chic I feel in my Chicify clothes!

Chicify Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @Chicify.   Shop online at

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Two Tots’ Mid-Year Sale

Half of 2015 has gone by, and we at Two Tots couldn’t be happier with the way things have moved forward us. There are still many big changes in store, all of it exciting and new and good.

But to take Two Tots to the next level, first we needed to clean house.  And so we’re excited to give you our biggest furniture sale of 2015.

Before we proceed, here are a few things you must know:

1.  The items that are on sale are all Floor Models.  This means they’ve been on display and have been prone to some scratches and bruises.

2.  Because we use solid Philippine Mahogany wood on all our pieces, we can assure you that each piece is still very sturdy and still in good shape.  I know — Bea and I spent the better part of our weekend inspecting and polishing them all! 😉

3.  All these items have been re-packaged and are as good as new.  They have been stored in a safe, clean place in San Juan, ready for pick-up.  Any requests for delivery or shipping will be charged accordingly.  We will give you the address once a confirmed payment has been made for the item (please see #5).

4.  Because they are floor models, there are limited quantities to each piece on sale.  Should you want an item newly made, the sale price will not apply to that custom made piece.

5.  All orders and inquiries should be made to our email:  The order is confirmed as sold when a 50% downpayment is made to the Two Tots BDO account.  This will be treated on a first come, first served basis, and no reservations will be accepted.

So!  Without further ado, here is what we have in store for you for this once in a lifetime, Two Tots:

If you like vibrant, beach colors, then this next set decked with accessories might also work for you.

Only the Play Table and Chairs are Left!
Only the Play Table and Chairs are Left!
It's only the Nighstands Left!
It’s only the Nighstands Left!
And then there's the 3ft Shelf Crate!  There are 2 pcs of this in white, and another 2 in Red.
And then there’s the 3ft Shelf Crate! There are 2 pcs of this in white, and another 2 in red.

My Mommyology 2T Midyear Sale

We also have a few in the Bleached / Natural Wood finish.  I personally love this finish because it seems so…. natural! 😉  It’s also very unisex and can go with any accent-type accessories.  Plus, they’re easier to maintain as the dust accummulation doesn’t show as fast!

1 and 2 - Lara Bookrack, 4 and 5 are Ines Nighstands
1 and 2 – Lara Bookrack, 4 and 5 are Ines Nighstands
1 - Elizabeth Tower, 2 - Lara Bookrack, 3 - Samantha table (with storage) and 2 chairs in red or pink.
1 – Elizabeth Tower, 2 – Lara Bookrack, 3 – Jungle Boogie Handpainted Wooden Crate;  4- Samantha table (with storage) and 2 chairs in red or pink.

And then there are the beds!

We have one White Francesca Bed left!
We have one White Francesca Bed left!

Note that the items may be sold faster than the updates made to this post.

Incidentally, some of our accessories on site are also at a wonderful deal.  The same reminders above apply.  Let us know if you’d like to drop by to see them!  Happy Shopping folks!

Follow Two Tots on Instagram and Twitter at @twtototsph, and on Facebook at Two Tots Home Accessories Inc for the latest updates and products.