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My Mommyology Blog Updates

My Mommyology Blog Updates
Keeping it current

I read through a few of the posts I’ve made over the last couple of months, and I realized that as this is a “study in motion”, it might be good to do a quick quarterly review / update with some of the developments that have taken place.¬† So for those of you just “tuning in”, here’s a chance to catch a quick glimpse of previous posts I’ve made. ūüôā

Fridays – our Fridays have recently evolved into a family day.¬† A few weeks ago my husband started to “work from home” on Fridays, and now he goes with us to Sam’s Little Gym class.¬† We figure that it would be nice to try and transition that day into something that Daddy and Daughter can do when the baby arrives.¬† After all, she does have to learn to be independent of me.

The Sling vs The Double-Stroller – Truth be told we have not gotten either yet, although I do think we’re leaning more towards the double-stroller, given the most recent news as well about the Baby Sling recalls. My husband has taken to the Baby Jogger City Select, but we haven’t gotten around to getting one yet.¬† While bigger and bulkier, I would think I’d like to have it around to use at my convenience, wherever I am in the world.

Lunch at School – We tried this out once a week for a month, but each trial ended in untouched lunch and a whole lot of tears.¬† Even if Sam was excited to take her lunchbox to school each time and all the teachers prepped her for staying longer, she would always freak out when they got to the point where she had to sit with everyone else and eat, and they’d have to call me to come earlier to get her.¬† The teachers had several theories as to why it wasn’t working out, and instead of pursuing this now, we just decided that she could do it when she’s much older.¬† Maybe there was too much change going on in her life.¬† So we went back to lunches with mom.

My Mommyology Big Sister Book
book by Joanna Cole

Preparations for Jamie’s arrival – To date I am 39 weeks and 5 days, and I am literally raring to go.¬† There is no more space in our freezer for me to cook anything else.¬† All the baby clothes have been washed and packed.¬† The digital gadgets are all properly charged and the infant car seat is in its place.¬† Sam has gotten her Big Sister book and my mother is here, so we’ve spent the past few days prepping her about mommy sleeping in the hospital.¬† All that’s missing is the baby.¬† I’ve gained the weight, done the time, so let’s go!

Sam’s sleep-training – Well, part 2 has been written out, and I apologize for keeping you in suspense about it.¬† I still would like to wait and see, maybe for a couple more days.

Maybe that’s why there is no book on the study of motherhood.¬† It is still evolving and changing on a daily basis, like an on-going experiment.¬† Maybe that’s why we grow up the way we do, too — as results of live experimentation!

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March Madness is Here!

My Mommyology March Madness
It is indeed, March.

I of course use the term loosely.¬†¬† Essentially what I mean is — it is March, and I’m going mad out of my mind.¬† Eleven days to go until my due date!

My Mommyology Frozen Foods
Soups are to build milk supply. So I keep making them. Essentially, it's to turn me into a cow.

The past few days, I’ve been in a little bit of a cooking frenzy, not so much for food for us to eat, but to freeze.¬† I feel like a bear hibernating for the winter.¬† Ironically enough, what I’ve been feeding my family the past few days are “pop-in-the-oven” foods — frozen fish, pizza, noodles, you name it.¬† The harder to cook, healthier dishes and soups, I have been making and storing in Ziploc bags.¬† Well, it works both ways — the freezer is emptied out of the frozen goods, and I have space to insert the Ziplocs.¬† Plus I have this urge to make more, so I need the space!¬† (I feel like after this, I shouldn’t be asked to cook ever ever again.)

A special note on freezing foods:

1)I learned from my last pregnancy that breaded pork chops don’t freeze very well since the breading tends to fall off when you fry it.¬† SO — the end lesson:¬† teach your husband to fry, so I just marinate it a few days before and it stays in the refrigerator.

2) For soups, you want to make it a little more tasteful since when you re-boil, it waters down and then it won’t be bland.¬† Vegetables in frozen soups don’t look too good when thawed, so I’ve refrained from putting any in, and will just buy fresh ones as we pull them out.

3) I don’t freeze anything with cream.¬† Whatever needs cream (ie Butternut squash soup), I add when I re-thaw.

Then I’ve taken to packing a box of things which we won’t need, and things borrowed and never returned, and sending it back home to Manila in an effort to make space.¬† The packing of course involves certain pabilis (It is a Filipino habit to purchase items for other people and send them home with the box), which I am individually wrapping and labeling.¬† My husband may start to wonder where all the masking tape is going (the food labeling and the packing and the labeling of those as well).¬† I’ve also found items which I need to sell on craigslist, or at least find a way to get them out of the house.¬† I have this urgent desire to get them out of the house.¬† So help me God, they have eleven days to leave my sight.

Then I’ve had all the suitcases pulled down so that we can start cleaning out the closets for winter things since the Spring weather is setting in (I hope it’s here to stay!).¬† But now Sam is complaining of “tight pants”, so while I clean out her old clothes, I have to check if she has enough mid-weather clothes to get us through the not-so-warm days!

So maybe this is the nesting instinct I was missing and it’s coming on full force!¬† My aunt said when she was pregnant a day before she gave birth she baked a cake and cleaned the house and had this unusual burst of energy.

Oh my… I JUST need a few more days.¬† To to mention, I have work to finish too!

Side note:  March 13, my due date, is apparently also:

  • The beginning of the REAL March Madness.¬† (Or is it the 15th?)¬† We follow it — I did after all, marry a basketball addict.¬† In any case, Go TarHeels!
  • The first¬† F1 race of the year.¬† Yes, I am a fan.¬† So already that week, on top of my weekly nightly shows, the the DV-R will be busy.
  • The Spring Forward time change happens on March 13 as well. So what happens if I give birth at 2AM on March 13?¬† Does it mean that it is really 2AM, or 3AM?¬† Will they stop my labor to switch the clocks at the hospital, or will they already be switched?

I can’t believe that two months of the year have already gone by, and the one that I have been anticipating for 9 months has finally arrived.¬† ūüôā

Side note #2:

Seeing as how I can give birth any day now, please forgive me in advance if a post does not appear as expected.¬† I will still try to keep up the regular feed.¬† If you have any stories, suggestions or guest-posts you’d like me to share, feel free to email them to me so we can get them out there!

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We’ve Reached the “Any Day Now…” Zone

My Mommyology Ready for Labor
Are we really?!

My how time flies.

I still can’t believe I’m 37 weeks pregnant.¬† The guest room is still a mess with my nesting hormones fluctuating up and down.¬† We’re just about to buy certain replacement parts for my breastpump and extra ointments that I think have expired or have run out.¬† I have yet to order my diapers on Amazon Mom.¬† The crib, did we put up the crib yet?¬† I don’t think we know where it will go.¬† Is my head on straight?¬† I’m not quite sure.

Well I’m not getting much sleep anymore with all the early morning kicking (and singing) that’s been going on the past few weeks.¬† I can’t see my swollen ankles either, much less reach for them.¬† My wedding ring is starting to choke my finger too… so yes I guess it’s just about that time.¬† Of course I don’t want to give birth until I hit 39 weeks at least, as they say the healthiest babies are the ones carried closest to term but I am feeling heavier and easily tired by the day.

My Mommyology Ready for Labor
Hang on, just a tad bit longer.

While I am not as scared or panicked as I was with the first pregnancy, I still am feeling a few mixed emotions.¬† For one I wish I could see her again on an ultrasound.¬† They’re very scarce at the hospital with ultrasounds if your pregnancy is healthy because of the minimal insurance coverage.¬† So I haven’t “seen” Jamie in over 19 weeks. ¬† The Midwives say though that from their assessment everything seems fine, and they are very reassuring, although they are sometimes a little too relaxed with me I start to fret and worry (how typical of me).

Then there’s the labor.¬† I can still remember what happened 26 months ago and I relate it as if it were just last week.¬† All I know is that I was able to withstand that much pain for that long, so I THINK I can do it again.¬† Mind over matter, right?¬† I’m reassured that labor the second time around goes faster, so maybe it won’t be as painful for very long.¬† And maybe they will get the epidural to me faster too (more on that in a different post).¬† When I go to Church I keep thinking as to how Mama Mary had to give birth in a manger (no hospital bed, no epidural, and she rode a donkey with no complaints days before her labor!¬† Lord knows I cringe at ever bump on the road…), so I at least hope that helps me put my modern-day already comfortable situation into better perspective.

And then of course there is Sam.¬† I don’t know if she fully understands what’s about to happen, but I know that she can sense some big change is coming our way.¬† I noticed that lately she just comes up to me to sit on my lap and asks for a hug or a kiss.¬† And then she’ll lean on me for a while without wanting to get up.¬† ūüôĀ

I am slowly turning over some of the care-taking reins to her dad, which she enjoys, but on occasion she will stubbornly still ask for me.¬† I think we’re both aware I’m slowly trying to teach us both to be more independent of each other, which will be good in the long run for everyone.¬† But I won’t deny that I do miss her already, and so I appreciate the unexpected hugs and kisses and cuddles.

There are actually so many other things running through my head I don’t know where to begin.¬† I hope that’s normal and I’m just not worrying myself silly.¬† There’s no book either on “What to Expect the 2nd time around“, and I sometimes wish there would be.¬† Maybe after going through it the first time, you know that you really can’t put a finger down on what will happen and everything is relative to your specific situation.¬† As we’ve said time and again — You’re never ready.¬† There’s only so much talking and reading and preparing someone can do, first or second or nth time around.¬† The rest, well — you just have to go with it.

Okay good luck to my children then!

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Where’s My Nesting Instinct?

My Mommyology Nesting
Ohhh, nesting! Where are you?!

I consider myself a relatively OC (the new and evolved meaning of obsessive compulsive) person, at least when it comes to the order of the house.¬† In the past my friends would call me a clean-freak, or a neat-freak since I had specific ways of ensuring everything at home was in its proper place:¬† Color-coded clothes, shoes arranged by size, the imaginary compartments within each drawer (particularly underwear), and Sam’s toys have to be arranged in a specific order.¬† Seriously, I wouldn’t consider it “fixed” until everything is the way I left it.¬† I would scrub the kitchen floors and clean the bathrooms daily, we’d run out of cleaning agents so fast you’d think we drank it all up for dinner.

Lately though with this pregnancy, even my husband says that my “neat-freak standards” have gone down, and I’ve let a few things slip through the cracks.¬† Ironically you would think that I should actually be at the height of my nesting phase by now!¬† This pile of baby clothes you’re looking at, they’ve been that way in the guest bedroom for DAYS (The stroller is Sam’s personal addition to “helping mom”).¬† And that’s not normally me!¬† The old me would have had that washed and folded and sorted in its proper drawer that same day, ready to be re-washed right before I’d be due.

My behavior is worrisome, at least to me.¬† Will I be like this from now on, or is this just a phase I’m going through and my old neat-freak / clean-freak self will come back with a vengeance and drive everyone around me nuts when it does?¬† Or is it just going to kick in at a later time in this pregnancy when I know that I cannot procrastinate any longer and I really need to get the pre-pregnancy chores done, done and done?¬† Will it drive me to labor (and if so, then please “kick in”, in about 5 weeks’ time!)?

I’ve tried to isolate the cause of it all, and my guess is that our daily routine alone is enough to keep me busy such that I know I’m forced to prioritize.¬† I just can’t do it all in a day.¬† So things “slip”, and have to wait until such time when I can get to them.¬† Keeping up with Sam and her schedule (school, Kindermusik, Little Gym, and whatever other activities we do at home)¬† and getting the basic chores done are really all I can do without wiping myself out at the end of each day.¬† The cold weather as well isn’t helping, making me sluggish and sleepy all the time!¬† Maybe when the weather turns I will get a burst of energy back, enough to finish all the tasks I set per day, particularly the ones related to the baby!

Then again, another dear friend of mine pointed out, when you have a child in your home, there is no way your life will ever be organized and orderly ever again.¬† That is true… but I will never forgive myself if I don’t try!