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Thank You, Green Eggs and Moms!

Thirty-one days have passed and May is just about over.  Thank you again to Anne of Green Eggs and Moms for featuring My Mommyology as the blog of the month!  She’s recently updated her site by the way, you may want to pay it a visit! 🙂

To end the 4-Friday post series, Anne conducted an interview with me regarding some random thoughts on parenting.  If you’re brave enough, check it out. 🙂  Feel free to leave a comment or your thoughts on the matter.  Thank you as well for those who have already left their comments.  I am seriously humbled (and floored!).

And speaking of Brave, I’ve been thinking of taking Sam to see it in the movie theater when it shows.  She’s never been and I’d love to be there to see for the first time.  It’s also an excuse for me to see a movie since I haven’t been inside the movie house in a while either!  I recently read Pigtailpals’ blog post on it (thank you Helene as always), and I am quite excited about it.  Will let you know how it goes!

View Disney Pixar’s Brave Official Trailer here. 🙂

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7 Simple Living Tips for Moms to Stay Sane

I apologize for being remiss again.  It’s been one of those weeks where there is little to no downtime to sit, write, think and be.

Mostly it is because of Jamie — who has gone from cruising and holding on to things to full-fledged independent walking! (Applause applause applause!)  Yes, she finally mustered the confidence to do it on her own and is now unstoppable, even on the playground.  She still falls back on her bum every now and then, but instead of crawling around like she used to, she now gets on her hands, head and feet and pulls herself up on her own.  It’s the cutest thing imaginable.

Because of this new-found mobility, I cannot take my eyes off her (for her own safety and for my own health).  She just disappears into another room!  And she’s getting into a little bit more trouble than usual; such as taking things from her sister which she’s not supposed to, and climbing onto chairs and furniture to try and reach for something.  So my usual routine is now once again turned on its head and I have to find a new way around this happy development.

Jamie has also been extra cranky and clingy — wouldn’t you be if you’re getting SIX teeth in one after the other?  My poor sweet baby.  I feel her pain (from the lack of sleep I get as a result of it).

My Mommyology bird-watching
The joys of bird watching... one morning after everyone woke up. Even Minnie joined in the fun.

So the last few mornings, while Jamie sleeps and Sam and my husband are out of the house, I’ve used the quiet time very wisely:  I get back in bed to sleep beside my daughter.  Because Jamie knows I’m there, she doesn’t wake up as easily as she normally does, so sometimes we can sleep the whole morning away.

I usually use the time to get some emails done, to blog, or do the headless-chicken dance (aka chores)… but for some reason my cozy blanket and pillow have had more pull lately.  And when we wake up, we “talk”… about the birds and the trees and about whatever babble she can come up with.

A part of me panics at the thought that my to do list doesn’t disappear, but the larger part of me just says to enjoy it, the chores will always be there and these little moments won’t last forever.

It’s wonderful to have that opportunity.  I used to do it a lot with Sam (and I’ve tried lately, but nowadays once she’s up she’s up and she just wants to get going!).  Back then our home was smaller and there was less to do in general too.

Which leads me to this Friday’s last guest post for May on Green Eggs and Moms:  7 Simple Living Tips for Moms to Stay Sane.  Or well, to try at least. 🙂

I wrote this post after a conversation I had with Anne about how as moms we are the busiest people in the world and time just passes us by.  Sometimes, it pays to slow down… and to just focus on the important things that make us happy.  Simplify!  I felt I needed to remind myself of how to do that.  Hopefully some of it will speak to you too!

See you over there at Green Eggs and Moms!  Happy Friday!

My Mommyology Simple Living
Sometimes... it's just all in the simplest moments.


ExperiMOMent Mommy Lessons (on Parenting)

5 Fun Activities to Build Your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills

Happy Friday!

For this week’s guest post on Green Eggs and Moms, we revisited an original that I did on Sam’s fine motor skill development.  I mentioned previously that this was a skill that I wanted to put more focus on as she got older, and was looking for activities and things we could do at home and out of school that would build it further.

My Mommyology Fine Motor Skills
At her favorite restaurant, the waiters give Sam pizza dough to mold and play with.

Check out the five activities that Sam does on a regular basis at home and in school.  I feel that the most important thing is that she (and I) have fun doing it.  It takes out the pressure to learn and turns it into something that she enjoys doing over and over again.

Can you think of more that you’d like to add or suggest?  I’d love to hear them and try them out ourselves!

Mommy Lessons (on Parenting)

6 Ways To Build Harmonious Sibling Relationships Amongst Toddlers

It is the first Friday of May! 

Check out the guest post at Green Eggs and Moms on Sibling Relationships.  But first, here’s a little “history” behind the post.

My Mommyology
The girls "sharing" and taking turns at the Piano.

I love it when siblings are the best of friends (Ahem!  A special shout out to my own who are reading this right now! 😉 ).  I know of a few people who have this relationship with one or two of their very own siblings and I find it absolutely priceless.  It is always a treat to see them interact.

I’ve often wondered how that came to be, particularly now that I have two girls of my own that are close in age.  I wish there was a handbook or a set of instructions I could just read and follow!  Of course as parents, we know that there is no such thing!  So we try — I try and experiment and dance on my head — at the very least I hope that what I am doing for the girls and with them will make them love each other unconditionally and have each others’ backs for life.

So far, I’ve come up with a short list of what’s worked for us over the last thirteen months.  I am happy to share them with you in the hopes that you can use and adjust them according to your children’s sibling (or cousin or close friends) dynamics to make it best work for you.

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and insights on the matter.  I’d love to learn from your experiences too!

Click here to read more.

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The Merry Month of May

It is May already, I can’t believe it.  Where did all the time go?!  It was a busy busy first quarter, with all the traveling,  Jamie’s 1st birthday celebration, a whole slew of visitors and weekends suddenly filled with activities.

And the fun continues!  The warm weather, longer days and summer heat are upon us, which can only mean more time for more activities and more travel for us.  Hopefully in the coming days I will be able to update this blog more frequently as well (as I am so so so behind on the things I want to write about!).

I’d have to tell you though the girls have been requiring a lot of my attention lately too, more than I realized.

Sam has completely dropped her afternoon nap and that means no more afternoon downtime for me.  We get to spend a little more quality time together while Jamie is asleep, or we use the time to finish up her Kumon activities undisturbed.  It sometimes proves to be a challenge, because I used to use their afternoon quiet time to finish up chores or catch up on my TV shows.  I’m still trying to figure out a good balance.

My Mommyology Toddling
Walking Walking...

Jamie and I get most of our alone time when Sam is at school in the mornings or at night, after Sam has passed out in complete exhaustion.  I believe she is teething as there seem to be four of them that want to come out at once.  Hence, she is also harder to get to sleep.

Jamie has also recently started her Gymboree sessions and we go once a week.  I feel it’s the opportune time to get her into the Play & Learn classes, and it gives us another venue to practice her toddling.  Lately she’s been wanting to walk around a lot, but still not without support.  It is very back-breaking, I can tell you that. 🙂

Yesterday she let go of the table and took one step towards me.  I thought that was it, but I guess she realized what she had done and has not tried it again since.  My hope is that by the time May is over, she will be walking around confidently on her own.  I know that will bring yet another round of new challenges, but that is a milestone that I just cannot wait to reach.

Yesterday I braved the playground with the two girls, and I realized that with Sam running all over the place and Jamie wanting to toddle and not be carried (all over the place), I wished I had Elastic Man’s powers.  I needed to stretch myself in two directions.  It took a few creative suggestions but somehow we managed to last a good 45 minutes.

So if you can’t already tell, by the time I get them both in bed at night, I am also completely spent!  Not to mention, the apartment is left a little bit messier than usual.  Maybe soon we will get past this new adjustment phase, things will normalize and I will find the much needed daily downtime for me.

Which is why it has occurred to me — in a few days it will be Mother’s Day. 🙂  To all the moms out there, have you been thinking about the kind of Mother’s Day you want this year?  I suggest we start a public wishlist so that our husbands, children and loved ones can give us exactly the kind of Mother’s Day we want.  Yes?   Mine are simple:  to sleep in, to be free of diaper-changes, and to get a good relaxing, stress-free massage.  (A facial and a pedicure would be nice too, but that may be pushing my luck! 😉 )

And now, a bit of good news:  My Mommyology has been chosen as Green Eggs and Mom’s Blog of the Month!  Yay!  That means that every Friday this May, Anne (of GE&M) will be featuring a guest post from yours truly.  This is a first for me and I’m quite nervous and excited to try it out.  We’ve been working on a few posts, and I hope you’ll like them. 🙂

Yes, a lot of exciting new things in store for May – and beyond.

That’s all for now!  Toodles!