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Another New Year

New year — new blog format it seems! I guess it’s been a while since my last post!  As much as I tried my hardest to write regularly, life got in the way. Doesn’t it always?

I will admit, man that last quarter of 2018 drove me to the ground. Everything had to happen at neck-breaking speed (literally). In the end, they were all good things and much got accomplished, but the juggling and time management of it all did send me towards…. wine (what else?).

We’re currently on a trip out of the country at the moment (and a lot of future posts I have mapped out will go into further detail), but let’s just say I’ve found some downtime now at our hotel now that Jamie is down with a cough. We opted to stay in and take it easy, so she is napping now while the husband tours Sam around on our last day.

Being away for three weeks has truly made me miss home; the predictability, the regularity of it all, and of course a little bit of the busyness that comes with it. I am hoping I will be “smarter” this new year about time management and commitments, but I suppose that remains to be seen. The irony of it is I keep harping about the same to Sam, and yet it is possibly a lesson I too have to learn in a different way.

I think I have to admit that there’s always going to be a lot to do. We are involved in so many things, it will always be an adventure, and it will always be tiring.

I suppose it’s just a matter of perspective. As a wise person recently told me — it’s because you’re capable of more.  I suppose that is a good perspective to have, to be able to do more because we can.

My little family ended the year with quite the adventure. And we greeted the new year with another adventure. As they say, the first day of the year sets the pace and tone for how the rest of the year will look like.

If it is truly any indication, then I suppose I know what kind of year I’m in for. At the end of the day, it is all good — the girls learn, they have fun. And I have to remember, it is because I can.

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Begin… Again

Yes, it’s been a while.  A very long while!

What can I say — life has just gotten the better of me.  And the worst of me too! 😉

I also died camping.  Seriously!  the last trip I got sent on did NOT even have outhouses – they were porta-potties!!!!  faintIt’s almost been a year since and I’ve still not recovered.

So what has changed in the last few months, that made me decide to write again?

Well truth be told, I’ve always had it at the back of my mind and on my to-do list.  I just knew I needed time to sit and really think it through.  But 2017 — oh my!  It was just one event, one activity, and one set of visitors after another.  It just flew by.

The real trigger was that I got the email reminding me to renew my domain and hosting.

Briefly I thought — maybe it’s time to let My Mommyology go.  It’s been over a year after all, and the world seems to want something short, quick and precise.  That’s the trend these days, no?

As it turns out, I’m still not ready!  It may have been a knee-jerk decision, but at the moment it is what’s clear to me.  Hopefully, even though times have changes (and I have changed as well), this space will still serve its original purpose:  To share a journey that entertains, educates and most importantly, empathizes with at least one other soul out there.

Also… it is quite the investment on my end to maintain it so I figure I may as well revive it.  😉

So where do I begin?

I suppose we’re all about to find out. 🙂

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Change, 2015

I usually start every year with some lesson or resolution that I hope will carry me through the next 12 months.  I know I’m a little late this year with two weeks of January already gone.  The holidays have kept me pretty busy!

In the last three weeks we played host to our family from Manila and Canada.  And while all of it was fun, exciting, awesome and adventure-filled, I will admit that it was also physically exhausting (as most holiday experiences are, anywhere in the world).

A little preview of the crazy that was.
A little preview of the crazy that was.

We’re trying to get our routine back in place.  There are still a few hiccups, with Jamie only now recovering from her congestion and fever (hence a further delay into my quiet “me-time” moment).

Maybe it’s the exhaustion and the high, but with all the conversations, all the visitors that have come and gone, and all the discussions of things that are yet to come… I still feel a little unsettled.

It’s been 5 months and 4 days since we moved, and I’ve gotten compliments left and right as to how well we’ve settled and adjusted.  We’re ok; in fact we’re more than ok.  My husband is very much into his new role and it seems to suit him well.  He says he’s busy, but not stressed.  The girls have their school, after school activities, Disneyland, friends and play dates.  They love everything, including all the new discoveries we’ve made and continue to make.

And what about the mother, you ask?  To some extent I have adapted and adjusted to our new life as well.  Keeping things going on a daily basis is enough to occupy me and knock me out at the end of the day.  I do what I usually do during the day and at night (if I can stay awake) I work on the stuff that need my attention back home.  I know that I’m more comfortable running things day-to-day here too, if only for the nature of my personality.   But I’ve also had to absorb the emotions and unexplainable feelings that every big change has brought to us all, most especially for the girls.  I feel like it’s my role to keep things together and make every “change” or new occurrence as smooth a transition as possible.

On top of which, I’ve been thinking about what to do with myself.  My husband and I have been talking about finding something part time for me too (that deserves a blog post all on its own though!), amongst plans we have for this yearAll of that, coupled with everything that’s happening in Manila at the moment (the Pope’s visit) and my family moving into a new home), I can’t help but feel sometimes that I’m still neither here nor there.

Last night, my husband showed the girls some of our old You Tube videos.  We opened the very first video he’d published, the one of Sam and myself right after I’d given birth to her.  Whatever it was I was thinking and feeling, seeing the video and the caption “6 years ago” alongside my now 6-year old Sam just sent me to tears.

Taken minutes after Sam was born.
Taken minutes after Sam was born.

I was neither sad or happy — but maybe just overwhelmed.  Six years, two kids, one additional business, and three big moves.  All of this amongst so many other changes thrown into the mix — be they good, great, and life-changing — it feels like a lot.  Sam for one, has had four different schools in six years, and Jamie two (in all of her three years and 10 months of existence).  Just thinking of the big changes that may still come our way sends a little knot to my stomach.

Logically I know, I understand and I accept: change is good and inevitable.  There will be some that are really a part of our day-to-day life.  The kids alone are filled with so many little bumps and changes as they change and grow right before my very eyes.  In my head, I can ride that kind of roller coaster and take what comes my way.  That’s how I’m built after all.

Deep down inside though (beside the knot forming in my stomach), there’s that tiny voice that’s praying for a reprieve.  Enough with the big roller coasters for once, no matter how fun and exciting each twist and turn is.  Maybe, just maybe, this 2015, we can put a pause on all the big life-changing changes in our little family of four.  We already had our new year last August 12, 2014.  Maybe it’s time to just see this one through for a while.

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My Mommyology in 2014: Do It Right

Happy New Year folks.

I apologize if I fell off the face of this earth for a while.  I think the holi-daze took quite the toll on me.  I have much to say, especially now that the new year has rolled in.

We spent the last few days of 2013 with family in the beautiful island of Boracay.  It was the first time I allowed the kids to stay up late and catch the fireworks that lit up the entire strip.  It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but Sam enjoyed every bit of it, and Jamie — well Jamie eventually warmed up to it.  A shame though, it was raining heavily so we couldn’t appreciate it on the actual beachfront.  We had to hide the kids under the canopies to prevent them from getting soaked.  But no doubt it was a sight nonetheless.

Let's Start 2014 Right...Boom!
Let’s Start 2014 Right…Boom!

The new year is always a good time to reflect on what has come and what will be.  2013 is what I call a “work-in-progress” kind of year.  I am still very much a work-in-progress, not really quite adjusted to life in Manila.  Maybe it just takes time.  Maybe I won’t ever be?  All I know is that it’s A LOT of work, coupled with a roller coaster of emotions.  But I did learn some very valuable things about the people around me, the world around me and a whole lot more about myself.

And so to start off my new year, my goal is to do things right.   Or at the very least to try harder to get it right.  Sounds like the theme a former boss coined for his team in my past life:  Get it Right, Get it Great.  And it kind of does go with the root of the lesson that I learned from Coach Pia in one of our #BetterMe sessions, which is living out my APV.  Know what your values are and allow it to permeate through everything you do.  Everything else will follow.

May you have a happy new year.  And hopefully we can help each other out it starting 2014 right… and everyday thereafter.

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Hamburger Day at Brother’s Burger!

Of all the things my husband and I miss about the Philippines, it’s the food.  When we flew home for the holidays last Christmas, we were both shocked at how many new restaurants sprouted up in the last two years.  With the limited time, we didn’t get to try many of them (of course I had to get my staples in, those were the priorities!).  The one burger chain (we need to categorize according to food offering and type of cuisine, there are that many favorites) that has been on our list was Brother’s Burger.  In fact, I don’t recall seeing it in the old location that we use to go to — or maybe it just covered, I’m not sure.  But Brother’s Burger never failed to satisfy!

So when my friend emailed to say that their Brother’s Burger Branch at “THE HUB”, Greenfield District (in Edsa Central) was now open, I was excited to help spread the word.

If you can, pass by between June 22 – 23, and avail of their 50% promo on all Big Brother’s burgers!  Oooh!

My Mommyology Brother's Burger
Don’t forget to add the mushrooms and extra cheese!