I would just like to point out that this is not another one of those books or documents or blogs that tell you how to raise your child(ren).  Neither is this a venue to discredit any other mom and their methods, or what they have or have not done.  On the contrary, I have a great respect for mothers, more so now after knowing what it is like to be one.  There is no passing judgment on a mom — “you do the best that you know how”.  I truly believe this, and so I hope that you will likewise, not pass judgment on me as well.

Every child is different and consequently every mom’s experience is different.  There are many adventures (or misadventures) that we go through, and it takes us brave feminine beings to acknowledge how to deal with it.

Also know, that the term “experiment” is loosely used, as of course I love my daughters with all my heart and soul, and in no way, shape or form did I do anything to cause them any harm whatsoever.

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