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I am a Filipina who has lived 95% of my life in the Philippines.  I only became a mom when we moved here to Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2008, when my husband decided to pursue further studies.  The basic nature of what we do at home is very much Pinoy, however, I have learned through trial and error, that part of the challenge is adjusting it to our current context in the US.  One would be surprised at the basic cultural differences, even in something as “everyday” as motherhood.  Neither way is better, or more right (is “more right” even correct to say?!); please don’t get me wrong.  It’s just a continuous learning experiment and adventure all rolled into one.

I only aim to chronicle my experience on being a  hands-on Filipina mom, with no yaya (aka stay-in nanny), trying to live the American way.  The insights and lessons garnered from these experiences are truly my own.  I’m sure it is different for every mom out there (and God only knows I’m not the first Filipina mom in the US to do this!), but I do believe there is and will be something in the anecdotes of our simple life, that you may find useful, amusing, or even profound enough to relate to at one point in your life.


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  3. Hi!

    I totally can relate as I am Filipina and I am bringing up my kids here yaya-free. I am enjoying visiting your blog.


  4. Hi! I’m on the same boat too! Mom to a 1 year old boy living in LA. Just started writing about our life adventures and love reading about your stories as well. 🙂

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